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If you are looking for stone or countertop repair in Denver or surrounding areas, allow us to assist you in restoring the beauty of your kitchen or bathroom countertops. Our extensive background in stone countertop restoration ensures that you can have confidence in our capabilities as stone care professionals.  Give us a call today and we will provide you with an accurate quote for our services.

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Everyone loves a stone countertop.  The countertop is the centerpiece of the kitchen.  It is where you prepare the meals, sort through the mail, and even help the kids with their homework.  It is often the first thing guests see as they enter the kitchen.

While stone countertops are amazing, unfortunately, they are not completely maintenance-free.  Countertops, even those made of granite or quartz, can suffer from cracks or chips at any moment. While there are various methods to fix these fissures or cracks, it is important to entrust this task to skilled professionals who can restore the natural beauty of your granite countertop. Repairing granite is a task that should not be attempted by amateurs or as a do-it-yourself project. It is not worth the risk of damaging your costly countertops by trying to repair them yourself. Instead, bring in experts who have the experience and expertise to properly fix the damage.

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Granite Countertop Repair

If you’ve got cracks, chips, or pits in your granite countertop, it’s important to get them fixed by a professional. Trying to DIY the repair could end up making things worse and ruining the natural beauty of your granite.  

Quartz Countertop Repair

A quartz countertop is one of the toughest surfaces you can have in your kitchen.  Despite their durability, damage can occur to quartz countertops.  They are still susceptible to cracks and chips and are easily damaged by heat.

Stone Countertop Sealing

Granite countertops are known for their durability, but they can be susceptible to damage from moisture due to pores in the stone. The pores can become discolored and structurally damaged when moisture seeps into them.

Countertop Refinishing and Restoration

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom countertops without spending thousands of dollars replacing them?  Restoring your countertops may be the way to go. 

Some of the Countertop Repair Services we offer:

  • Chip and crack repair
  • Fallen sink repair
  • Seam repair
  • Surface restoration and resealing
  • Polishing and buffing
  • Scratch Removal

Natural Stone Surfaces

Granite, a material known for its strength and beauty, is often used for kitchen countertops due to its resistance to most acids and its durability and easy maintenance. However, even granite can experience damage such as scratching, etching, cracking, chipping, or becoming dirty or dull in appearance. If your granite countertop has been damaged in any way, we can restore it to its original condition and make it look new again.

If your marble surfaces have become dull or damaged, professional services may be necessary to restore their natural beauty and maintain their appearance. We have the expertise to bring your marble back to its best condition. Whether your marble is dirty, scratched, etched, cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, our cleaning, polishing, restoration, and protection services can help. Rather than replacing your marble, consider what our services can do to rejuvenate it.”

There is no doubt that travertine is a durable, elegant material for kitchen or bathroom countertops.  The natural weathering of travertine countertops makes them ideal for both casual and formal decorating styles.  If the travertine countertop in your kitchen requires repairs or TLC call us today.  We can restore it to its original beauty.

For many years, quartz has been a popular choice for countertops. While quartz countertops have great stain resistance and durability, they are susceptible to heat damage and chips. If the quartz countertop in your kitchen or bath has issues that need to be repaired call us with the details today.

How common is it for a granite countertop to crack?

Contrary to popular belief, cracks in granite countertops are quite common. These cracks often occur due to stress during production, delivery, or when the countertop is installed. One area where cracks in granite tend to be especially prevalent is around the sink cutout, which is typically one of the weaker points of the countertop. To address this issue, reinforcement may be used to strengthen this area.”

How are granite repairs made?

When it comes to repairing cracks in natural stone such as granite or marble, it is best to seek out a specialist with experience in this area. A granite or stone countertop is repaired by filling it with acrylic or using color-matched epoxy to glue the pieces back together. The technician then uses artistic techniques to fill in the crack and blend the colors to make the crack less noticeable.

The method used depends on the type and extent of the crack. Regardless of the method used, the crack will still be visible and noticeable unless the surface is then polished. Polishing cracks to blend them in with the surrounding surface and achieve a seamless finish requires a skilled hand and a thorough understanding of the process. That’s why it’s wise to hire an experienced professional for granite countertop repair.

Does a granite countertop need to be sealed?

Maintaining your granite countertops is crucial and should not be overlooked. A big part of the maintenance process is sealing your countertop. You can easily test whether your countertops need to be re-sealed by splashing a small amount of water on the surface and observing whether the water beads up or flows freely. Re-sealing is necessary when the water no longer beads up. Remember to test the areas of the countertop that are used most frequently.

We also recommend that you inspect your granite regularly, once a year at the very least. Look for cracks or unevenness, as well as stains or scratches. If you notice any of these issues, it is best to seek the assistance of a professional who specializes in stone care. Neglecting necessary repairs or treatments can result in bigger, more expensive problems, including the need for an entire replacement.

Many homeowners are unaware of the importance of these annual tasks or forget to perform them, leading to costly repairs.”

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